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Cleaning & Disaster Preparedness Consulting is a very valuable investment for the owner of any business or property where client safety and business interruption is paramount.  Brian holds all three IICRC Masters Certifications in addition to numerous other certifications.  Brian’s consistent track record of starting and operating successful companies is a testament to his commitment to the Cleaning and Emergency Disaster Industry.  Brian thrives on guiding his customers to success with honesty and integrity.

Consulting Services may include:

  • Restoration Project Management
  • Restoration Project Oversight/Invoice Review
  • Mitigation Inspections
  • Asset Recovery
  • Employee Training
  • Cleaning & Restoration Protocols
  • Media Consultant
  • Sourcing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Sales Training
  • Accounts Receivable Training
  • Vendor Relationship Training
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Cost Analysis Cleaning Programs
  • Employee Handbook/Employment/Interview Training
  • Complete Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Product, Process & Protocol Review/Recommendations
  • and more….

For more information contact Brian at 248-467-6417

Expert Witness Testimony

A person is considered qualified to offer expert witness testimony when he has specialized education, training, knowledge, experience, and skills that are relevant to a court case. This education, skill, or knowledge may make him qualified to answer factual questions posed during a court case. An expert witness must have excellent communication skills in order to answer questions clearly and ensure that their answers can be understood by those who do not share their experience. They must also be skilled at analyzing facts, some of which may be complex. This type of witness should also be strong enough to stay firm and under control when questioned by the attorney on the opposing side.

Brian’s unique understanding of thermodynamics, Water Damage Standards (IICRC S500), Fire Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation Standards (IICRC S520) and over 20 other related subjects makes Brian a knowledgeable and reliable asset to any related case.  For more information on expert testimony Brian can be contacted at 800-435-5868.

Equipment Testing/Reporting

Brian has been deeply involved in the testing and improvement of many industry products including: Electronic Metering Equipment, Structural Drying Equipment, Odor Control Equipment, Truck Mounted Extraction Equipment, Odor Control Chemicals, Industrial Cleaning Detergents, Tile & Grout Cleaning Detergents & Sealers and Identifying Product Faults via Thermal Imaging.
Manufacturer Requested Testing: Product Testing is completed and reported following manufacturer guidelines.  Additional testing outside of manufacturer guidelines may be provided by request.  All results to manufacturers are sealed and are provided to the manufacturer only.  Testing/Reporting fees are paid by the manufacturer.
Independent Testing: Independent testing may be completed by the request of individuals or groups for a fee with no participation of the product manufacturer.  All results are sealed and provided to the individual client or group only.  Testing/Reporting Fees are paid by the Individual Client or group.
Co-op Testing/Reporting: Product testing is completed in conjunction with a manufacturer, individual client or group.  Results and fees are negotiated prior to testing.
*All results may be used in Certification and Non-Certification Courses, Newsletters, Product Advertisements and will be considered common knowledge unless negotiated prior to study.

Charitable Management/Industry Culture

Brian has always believed that building his group of companies with “Bricks of Giving” would always create a corporate atmosphere of high level service, employee pride and a culture within his customers which Brian refers to as…Colleagues…not Competitors. In addition to the Ronald McDonald House, Brian and his team donate tens of thousands of dollars and numerous hours assisting those in need.  Managing these charitable causes is shared between Brian’s group of companies and a committed group of contractors across the United States.
History (More)