Chemical Product Development/Testing


When Grease Magic decided to add a tile, grout & stone sealer to their lineup they wanted an attractive product that surrounded itself with quality and value.  When they asked Brian to assist in the development of the product they got more than they bargained for!

First, Brian wanted product packaging that was easily identifiable.  Second, Brian wanted the product description bullet points to be simple.  Third, and most important, Brian wanted the product to be of the highest quality if they were to attach his name to the product development.  Last, Brian asked that setting aside his first three requirements, the product  must rival all competitive products…and a slightly lower price!

Brian insisted that the above was the recipe for the products success!  Sounds simple right?  Read on…

The Bottle: Brian requested bottle samples from ten different bottle manufacturers.  He wanted a bottle that would not only show off the artistic label design he had in his head, but he wanted a bottle that would also withstand the abuse that comes with everyday product shipments across North America.  The bottle that was finally chosen had a nice smooth front for an oversized, full-color glossy label.  Also, Brian noted that the bottle style also allowed for a smaller box as compared to the everyday “round” gallon bottle thus allowing for a lower shipping charge per case.  Last, the rectangular bottle and smaller box size allowed for up to a 60 case freighted skid as compared to the standard 36 case skid.  This created substantial savings for volume purchasers!

The Label: Brian wanted anyone passing by the product to pick up on simple, easy to read messages.  Working directly with our graphic artist the label design, fonts and photos were chosen.  Referencing the old marketing philosophy KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) the decision was made to call the product exactly what it is. Grout & Stone Sealer.  When asked what would make someone want to buy this product over a competitive product Brian explained that most purchasers would only care about two things.  One….if the effects of the product would last a long time.  The second was that the sealer would be really easy to apply.  Grout & Stone Sealer…..Long Lasting….Easy to Use.  Simple.  Right?  Read on…

The Sealer: Brian contacted several of the many chemical formulators that specialize in specialty products.  It was explained that the requirements for this grout sealing product were that it would be water based for ease of application and clean-up.  The product consistency must also be virtually “streak-free”.   Considering how many surface types Brian required for product testing made this request extremely difficult.  After many samples and the application of the product to many surface types the goals that were set had been reached!

Or had they?

Any good manufacturer knows that manufacturing costs must allow its wholesale distributor a 40% margin while remaining competitive with other comparable product manufacturers.  After reviewing all manufacturing costs Brian had reached his retail pricing goals.  Grease Magic Grout & Stone Sealer allows for the proper margin for each distributor while priced below its competitors. A Great Product….Great Value….Lower Shipping Cost….Long Lasting….Easy to Use….Lower Price!


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