Equipment Testing and Reporting

Brian and the Observex Team have been deeply involved in the testing and improvement of many industry products including: Electronic Metering Equipment, Structural Drying Equipment, Odor Control Equipment, Truck Mounted Extraction Equipment, Odor Control Chemicals, Industrial Cleaning Detergents, Tile & Grout Cleaning Detergents & Sealers and Identifying Product Faults via Thermal Imaging.

Manufacturer Requested Testing: Product Testing is completed and reported following manufacturer guidelines.  Additional testing outside of manufacturer guidelines may be provided by request.  All results to manufacturers are sealed and are provided to the manufacturer only.  Testing/Reporting fees are paid by the manufacturer.

Independent Testing: Independent testing may be completed by the request of individuals or groups for a fee with no participation of the product manufacturer.  All results are sealed and provided to the individual client or group only.  Testing/Reporting Fees are paid by the Individual Client or group.