Expert Witness

A person is considered qualified to offer expert witness testimony when he or she has specialized education, training, knowledge, experience, and skills that are relevant to a court case. This education, skill, or knowledge may make him or her qualified to answer factual questions posed during a court case. An expert witness must have excellent communication skills in order to answer questions clearly and ensure that their answers can be understood by those who do not share their experience. They must also be skilled at analyzing facts, some of which may be complex. This type of witness should also be strong enough to stay firm and under control when questioned by the attorney on the opposing side.

Brian’s unique understanding of thermodynamics, Water Damage Standards (IICRC S500), Fire Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation Standards (IICRC S520) and over 20 other related subjects makes Brian a knowledgeable and reliable asset to any related case.  For more information on expert testimony Brian can be contacted at 800-435-5868.