Detroit Public Schools – 2010

In the summer of 2010, Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bob ordered the clean-up of many of the 140 schools.  The contracts were issued to several large restoration contractors.  They were ordered to clean all of the interior walls in every school.  In addition, they were asked to strip, clean and wax all the floors in each school.  The biggest challenge was the completion deadline.  All locations had to be completed in only 30 days!



Brian Holter was one of several high profile consultants hired to help ensure the projects were completed….on time!


Premium high-wear finishes were selected for high shine and maximum wearability.  Because of the rapid pace to completion Speed Shine Floor Finish became the product of choice.  Speed Shine not only had the high shine and durability required, but also dry FAST which became vital.  Reduced dry times between coats dramatically reduced down time and labor expenses.



The photo to the left is of a almost completed hallway.  If you look closely at this picture you will notice a dramatic difference in the shine in the floor where the high speed buffer has stopped.  This shows the true quality of a fantastic finnish….and why it was chosen by our team.  The burnishing quality of Speed Shine was excellent!







The photo to the left shows that even the most abused cafeteria floors can be restored using proper restoration procedures.






Very old, very fine wood working cleaned and restored in this library.


The photos to the left shows a floor system that most will never walk on in their lives.  To save money during the Great Depression floor manufacturers used shaded wood scraps, sawdust, dyes, glues and  lacquers that were added to forms to create hardwood tiles.  Because of their delicate nature they cannot be cleaned or maintained using harsh products.  Floors like these are extremely rare and in many cases considered historical.  Many floor maintenance companies not recognizing their era, value and make-up unintentionally destroy floors like these making them ever more rare.  Brian and his team of consultants recognized the historical value of these floors immediately and highly trained technicians were brought in to restore these floors.