Brian is a sought after Technical Advisor, Industry Consultant and Guest Speaker.  Brian and the Observex™ Team share a passion for new technical knowledge that allows Observex™ clients to stay ahead of Industry changes while increasing profits and lowering liabilities.  Listed below is an information breakdown on Brian’s expertise.

IICRC Master Water Restorer

Brian has completed all required Certification Courses related to the restoration of water damaged structures.  This training includes: Thermodynamics, Drying Techniques and Protocols, Health & Safety Certification, Electronic Monitoring, Moisture Mapping and Applied Structural Drying Techniques acquired at the Hydro Lab in Indiana.  In addition, Brian has advanced training in the use of Disinfectants, LGR dehumidifiers, High-Temp Dehumidifiers, Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Hydroxyl Generators, Pressurized Drying Systems, Heat Drying Systems and Advanced Thermography.

IICRC Master Fire & Smoke Restorer

Brian has completed all required Certification Courses related to the restoration of Residential and Commercial Structures damaged by Smoke and Fire.  This training includes: All interior and exterior building materials, structure contents, inventory control, contents cleaning and restoration, Health & Safety Certification, Odor Control, proper use of hydroxyl generators, ozone equipment, thermal fogging equipment, ULV fogging equipment, Vaportek Equipment, high-volume HEPA air scrubbing equipment, negative air chambers, activated charcoal products including filtration devices.

IICRC Master Textile Restorer

Brian has completed all required Certification Courses related to the cleaning, restoring and manufacturing of textiles found in residential and commercial structures.  This training includes: Textile Construction and Manufacturing, Textile Content Make-up and Cleaning Correction, Understanding Chemistry and it effects on Textiles, Upholstery Cleaning, Restoration and Odor Removal, Residential and Commercial Floor Coverings including Carpeting, Vinyl Flooring, VCT, Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, Wood, Laminate and Bamboo, Custom Draperies, Stage Curtains, Cubical Fabrics and other common/uncommon fabrics.  Brian has acquired high level training in equipment related to the cleaning and restoration of all textiles.

Nu-Tech Cleaning Services, Inc. 1993-1999

In February of 1993, Brian entered a local Chevy Dealership and purchased a new work van.  Several days later, after purchasing his first truck mounted extraction system, Brian began building a first class Cleaning & Restoration Business.  In less than 12 months, Brian had acquired numerous contract accounts including multiple large manufacturing facilities, a prominent Business College and two of Michigan’s most well known hospitals.  Working in properties with very strict safety and process protocols enabled Brian to gain strong management skill sets and a wide variety of unusual experiences.

Within 3 years, Nu-Tech Cleaning Services grew to a company of 25 direct employees including two office employees, two supervisors, a special services crew and an equipment mechanic.  Brian and his team focused their sites on building a company culture of team-oriented goals backed by two words often heard in Brian’s group of companies to this day. Honesty…and Integrity. Consistent adherence to these two words over many years would earn Brian business accounts most only dream of. When asked of his most memorable task, Brian spoke of being proud to be escorted by several Secret Service members at the Livonia Marriott in Livonia, Michigan to a hotel room where a Lifecycle exercise bike needed to be disassembled, inspected for explosive devices and cleaned for President George Bush Sr..  He continued on by saying that although the event was only a small detail in his career, that it was in the details that make things successful…

Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems, Inc 2000-Present

As the reputation of Brian and his team grew, so did the opportunities.  Throughout the 1990’s Brian and his team began building a solid reputation in the area of cleaning and restoration equipment repair.  More and more competitors…which Brian always referred to as colleagues…began bringing their equipment to Nu-Tech’s Troy location for service and repairs.  It was only a short time after that equipment manufacturers came knocking wanting to align their products and equipment with Nu-Tech’s growing reputation.  Although this opportunity was exciting, it also created a problem for Brian and his team.  Why would his competitors want to buy from one of their strongest competitors?

This left Brian at a crossroad in his career.  After many meetings and discussions, Brian decided to begin transitioning from an Emergency Service Provider to a Wholesale Cleaning & Restoration Product Supplier.  The transition was complicated leaving Brian with many challenges.  Brian’s biggest challenge was recusing himself from some of his largest industrial accounts.  After several meetings, one of Brian’s largest clients asked if he would please stay on as a paid consultant.  Brian not only accepted the offer to become their consultant, he expanded his consulting practice to provide proven practices to help his customers solve problems and maximize their profitability.

Since the transition, Brian and his team have focused their efforts on acquiring the very best products our industry has to offer.  More importantly, Brian invested deeply into education and the education of every staff member.  Brian believed that having the best technical support in the industry combined with good customer relations was paramount!  This decision paid off in 2009 when Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems became the only Licensed Vocational Training Center for our industry by The State of Michigan.

Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems continues to be an industry leader with customers in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

For more information on Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems visit:

Industrial / Disaster / Emergency Products Distribution

When Brian left for work Tuesday August 25th, 2005 he knew there was a huge storm headed towards Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Brian also knew that some of his best friends and customers were headed for Florida in anticipation of substantial storm damage.  What Brian, like the rest of the country was not prepared for was the devastating damage that would soon cross Florida into Louisiana for what we all now know as Hurricane Katrina.

The damage brought by Katrina was far beyond any disaster preparedness plan ever developed.  Disaster equipment and support was requested from every contractor, supplier and manufacturer across the country.  Within 2-3 days every supplier in the nation had depleted their inventories and the inventories of their manufacturers as well.  Brian and his team jumped into action by immediately importing equipment and available products using their relationships outside of the United States.  Brian also provided technical support around the clock.  Looking back on this devastating hurricane Brian began developing processes and protocols to provide immediate technical and product support to Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems customers in the event of an emergency.   Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems continues to improve emergency distribution protocols and technical support processes.


Cleaning & Disaster Preparedness Consulting is a very valuable investment for the owner of any business or property where client safety and business interruption is paramount.  Brian holds all three IICRC Masters Certifications in addition to numerous other certifications.  Brian’s consistent track record of starting and operating successful companies is a testament to his commitment to the Cleaning and Emergency Disaster Industry.  Brian thrives on guiding his customers to success with honesty and integrity.

Consulting Services may include:

  • Restoration Project Management
  • Restoration Project Oversight/Invoice Review
  • Mitigation Inspections
  • Asset Recovery
  • Employee Training
  • Cleaning & Restoration Protocols
  • Media Consultant
  • Sourcing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Sales Training
  • Accounts Receivable Training
  • Vendor Relationship Training
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Cost Analysis Cleaning Programs
  • Employee Handbook/Employment/Interview Training
  • Complete Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Product, Process & Protocol Review/Reccomendations
  • and more….

For more information contact Brian at 248-467-6417

Expert Witness Testimony

A person is considered qualified to offer expert witness testimony when he has specialized education, training, knowledge, experience, and skills that are relevant to a court case. This education, skill, or knowledge may make him qualified to answer factual questions posed during a court case. An expert witness must have excellent communication skills in order to answer questions clearly and ensure that their answers can be understood by those who do not share their experience. They must also be skilled at analyzing facts, some of which may be complex. This type of witness should also be strong enough to stay firm and under control when questioned by the attorney on the opposing side.

Brian’s unique understanding of thermodynamics, Water Damage Standards (IICRC S500), Fire Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation Standards (IICRC S520) and over 20 other related subjects makes Brian a knowledgeable and reliable asset to any related case.  For more information on expert testimony Brian can be contacted at 800-435-5868.

Equipment Testing/Reporting

Brian has been deeply involved in the testing and improvement of many industry products including: Electronic Metering Equipment, Structural Drying Equipment, Odor Control Equipment, Truck Mounted Extraction Equipment, Odor Control Chemicals, Industrial Cleaning Detergents, Tile & Grout Cleaning Detergents & Sealers and Identifying Product Faults via Thermal Imaging.

Manufacturer Requested Testing: Product Testing is completed and reported following manufacturer guidelines.  Additional testing outside of manufacturer guidelines may be provided by request.  All results to manufacturers are sealed and are provided to the manufacturer only.  Testing/Reporting fees are paid by the manufacturer.

Independent Testing: Independent testing may be completed by the request of individuals or groups for a fee with no participation of the product manufacturer.  All results are sealed and provided to the individual client or group only.  Testing/Reporting Fees are paid by the Individual Client or group.

Co-op Testing/Reporting: Product testing is completed in conjunction with a manufacturer, individual client or group.  Results and fees are negotiated prior to testing.

*All results may be used in Certification and Non-Certification Courses, Newsletters, Product Advertisements and will be considered common knowledge unless negotiated prior to study.

Charitable Management/Industry Culture

Brian has always believed that building his group of companies with “Bricks of Giving” would always create a corporate atmosphere of high level service, employee pride and a culture within his customers which Brian refers to as…Colleagues…not Competitors. In addition to the Ronald McDonald House, Brian and his team donate tens of thousands of dollars and numerous hours assisting those in need.  Managing these charitable causes is shared between Brian’s group of companies and a committed group of contractors across the United States.