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Fire & Smoke Restoration Consulting

IICRC Master Fire & Smoke Restorer

Brian Holter has completed all required Certification Courses related to the restoration of Residential and Commercial Structures damaged by Smoke and Fire. This training includes: All interior and exterior building materials, structure contents, inventory control, contents cleaning and restoration, Health & Safety Certification, Odor Control, proper use of hydroxyl generators, ozone equipment, thermal fogging equipment, ULV fogging equipment, high-volume HEPA air scrubbing equipment, negative air chambers, activated charcoal products including filtration devices and the deployment of CLO2 Liquid and Gas Products. Brian has advanced knowledge in all aspects of Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Tobacco & Nicotine Removal, Cannabis, and the importance of complete hydrocarbon removal.

It is important to note that Observex Members enjoy access to Brian Holter and his team for technical support, business coaching, scheduled Zoom Meetings, scheduled Industry Guest Speakers, Vendor Discount Promotions, an always growing video training library and much more.