Frozen Pipes Bursting Across Michigan

burst pipeDue to extreme cold, residents across Michigan are experiencing frozen, burst pipes leading to severe water damage in homes and offices. 

At the Grand Traverse Senior Center, dozens of programs were cancelled after frozen pipes burst on Tuesday afternoon. It was the first time in 24 years that anything like that had ever happened at the center. 


At an Oakland University residence hall, several students narrowly missed an icy shower after a frozen pipe burst in an entry way. “According to Brian Bierley, the Director of Media Relations for the university, two pipes burst on campus. One was in the Dodge Hall of Engineering and some evening classes were canceled. It was fixed by Wednesday morning. The other pipe is the one in the video above which was shot from the entrance of Oak View. Bierley said the pipe that burst is the first floor sprinkler system.”


Click the link below to view the video of the pipe bursting: