Michigan Flood Facts

Spring is coming, and it is never too early to take the necessary precautions to prevent flood and water damage in your home or business. Because Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes and experiences heavy rainfall in the spring, creating the perfect scenario for disastrous flooding.

Here are some Michigan flood facts:

  • Cities near the great lakes or rivers (Holland, Grand Rapids) are particularly vulnerable to flash flooding
  • Michigan has over 3,200 miles of fresh-water coastline that is all prone to flooding
  • Since 2001 Michigan has experienced 4 federally declared disasters
  • Less than 1% of Michigan households are covered by flood insurance


Things to Remember:

  • If you decide to get flood insurance, it may not become effective for 30 days or longer.
  • Not all floods are wide spread, catastrophic events. Your basement can flood from a bad sump pump, outdated sewage systems, a fish tank can break, a toilet can get backed up–make sure you are prepared for any scenario!
  • Its “Rainy Winter Season.” Keep an eye on the weather. If there is still snow on the ground, but the temperature warms up and it starts to rain, check your property for signs of flooding. 
  • In the summer, check your air conditioner. Air conditioners with backed up/obstructed drain pans are a large cause of home flooding. 


Warnings Signs/Signs of Flooding and Flood Damage:

  • Flash flood warnings
  • Dam or levee failure
  • Slow moving storms
  • Damp walls or carpeting
  • Peeling paint
  • Standing water in the basement
  • Musty odors: these indicate mold and mildew–a big tip off that there is unseen flood damage in a home

Be prepared for flood season by ensuring your home owners or renters insurance covers flood damage, and choose a professional in your area to call if you ever need restoration work done. 

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