Recent Projects

Tanglewood Country Club


 After a frozen sprinkler line flooded both floors of the clubhouse, Observex was contracted to inspect the structure and make limited recommendations prior to re-construction.

The demolition companies and the structural drying company did a nice job of making this project move forward quickly.


Superstorm Sandy


Immediately after the flooding caused by Superstorm Sandy, Observex Team Member Brian Holter with a a large group of Catastrophe Restoration Contractors from across the U.S. mobilized and raced to areas across New York and New Jersey. With the help of local government agencies, Observex and an outstanding group of contractors were able to help individuals displaced from their homes and businesses get back on their feet. Large quantities of drying equipment, temporary heaters and generators were deployed to help in the demolition and structure drying. The damage from this devistating storm will take many years to rebuild. For those who understand the strength, spirit and resolve of the people living on the east coast, this rebuilding will happen. When completed, the Jersey Shores will be better than ever!

Wayne State Project


After being contracted by a local law firm, the Observex team was sent in to solve a variety of construction and water damage issues caused by massive flooding from a broken water main on the 5th floor of a 5 story commercial structure. Issues included drying standards, proper equipment, potential microbial growth, construction materials and drying effectiveness, multiple party discussions and planning.

Hurricane Irene

ireneOn August 20th 2011, the National Hurricane Center began to issue their first adviseries for what we now know as Hurricane Irene.

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Detroit Public Schools – 2010

In the summer of 2010, Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bob ordered the clean-up of many of the 140 schools.  

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Consulting-Flooding In Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee 2010.

As the Cumberland River began to climb it became obvious that substantial flooding was possible.

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The Ronald McDonald House at Detroit Children’s Hospital



Leadership. Leadership would be the single word to describe the events that took place at the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital in Detroit.

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Chemical Product Development/Testing

IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician Course

Brian taking part in an IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician Course 2010.

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