The Ronald McDonald House at Detroit Children’s Hospital



Leadership. Leadership would be the single word to describe the events that took place at the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital in Detroit.

When Jennifer Litomisky, the Director for the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit was introduced to Brian Holter of Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems, she was unaware of the reputation Brian had for helping those in need.  With a weak economy donations at many charitable organizations have dramatically decreased.  Although Jennifer and her staff had done a fantastic job of managing limited funding, many building maintenance items had begun to show.

Brian and his staff assembled team members and began brain storming effective ways to assist the house while drawing the attention of others to highlight the Ronald McDonald House’s need for donations.  Within one week Brian and his team had contacted over thirty seven cleaning and construction trades to assist in the restoration of the house and secured their support in our efforts.

Contractors were given specific tasks that they would be responsible for.  Brian set a goal to have all repairs and restoration completed in under twenty four hours.  This was very important due to the families the Ronald McDonald House helps.  This also required a huge amount of construction and clean-up planning.  With a serious smile, Brian refers to this as “high profile, high importance, organized chaos.”

As the planning process continued, Brian continually asked the question..”what else can we do to make this a home-run?”  Brian came up with three ideas that he began to delegate to his team.  The first, was to contact every contractor asking them to donate upwards of $50.00 each.  Second, was to place large signs and drop boxes throughout their locations for contractors and other customers to drop off toys for the children and their parents.  The third and most challenging, would be to get media coverage for the event to draw attention to the Ronald McDonald House.  Brian sought out a friend at channel 7 Action News.  After explaining his plan for making this important event a success, channel 7 decided to pick up the story.  In addition, Brian was able to convince channel 2’s Al Allen to cover the story as well.  All was beginning to come together.



The Project Begins. The photos in this story reflect the impact good people can make in tough times.  In reviewing the 100’s of photos for this article the one constant is the smile on each volunteers face.  The photo above shows many of the owners and employees prior to starting the project.  The photo to the right is a repair and replacement on a ceramic tile floor being performed by Rudy Syslo of Everclean Cleaning & Restoration.  The photos below in order are Jason of The Flood Team, Eric Dimmer of 4 Corners and two team members of Huntington Cleaners.
















Jason from The Flood Team













Eric from 4Corners Cleaning











Huntington Cleaners







Note: The Ronald McDonald House provides lodging, food and care allowing the parents of severely ill children to stay “on-site” while receiving treatment.  While working on this project it amazed many of us to hear from friends and colleagues that stayed…or new someone who stayed at the house.  As the planning and production process commenced it was great to see the level of personal commitment from each individual involved.  This is a project that definitely touched the hearts of all involved.






HOPE: The photo above exemplifies the true spirit of Jennifer and her staff.











Al Allen of Channel 2 interviewing Brian Holter.










Continued Interview with Brian before Media walk through.











Keith Elkins from Nu-Tech Cleaning Systems with Bill & Micah from Benefect Disinfectants.











Jennifer accepting the gifts for the children of the Ronald McDonald House.








Joe Stephenson from Stephenson’s Cleaning & Restoration being interviewed by Al Allen.  Note:  When contractors were asked to donate funds.  They stepped up to the plate with donations far above what we requested.  Joe Stephenson led the pack by coming into our office the day the request for $50.00 per contractor with a check for $250.00 stating that it was very important that people step up on assisting such a great cause.  A special thanks to Joe Stephenson and his team for they sincere efforts.



You will be happy to know that all the goals set to assist the Ronald McDonald House were successfully reached in only 16 hours ahead of schedule.  Brian and his team continue to support the Ronald McDonald House.  If you would like more information on the Ronald McDonald House please contact Brian’s team toll free at 800-435-5868.

Again, a special thank you to Jennifer Litomisky, Jenn’s staff and all the contractors and volunteers that made this project a success!

Note:  There were 100’s of outstanding photos of all the companies that donated their equipment, time and financially.

 A special thank you to everyone involved.